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Health is not given naturally, it is acquired through effort.


In the era of 100-year lifespans, physical reboot from the age of 50 (reboot)

My name is Takeshi Matsushita and I am the representative of Matsushita Natural Foods Co., Ltd.

I developed fusion sweets using traditional Japanese ingredients and French techniques, mainly from France, with French cooking researchers, and participated in food events all over Europe.

While living in France and the Netherlands for a long time,

I have come to the conclusion that Japanese food is unhealthy.

First of all, there is an overwhelming lack of vegetables.

Overwhelming lack of nuts and fruits.

There are two things that surprised me when I returned to Japan.

That is, “Summer is really hot.”

And “the diet is unhealthy”

Well, really, the humidity in France is usually around 30% in the summer, so it's dry. It's true that the temperature is around 35 degrees Celsius for a few days a year, but the air is dry and the houses are highly airtight and highly insulated, so if you close the shutters and stay inside, it's quite cool.

I feel like I don't really need an air conditioner.

Since I was in such a place, my first summer in Japan feels like hell. I couldn't spend much time without the air conditioner running 24 hours a day.

Now, the food is unhealthy.

I often eat out for lunch, but I don't really eat many vegetables. At worst, the only vegetable I have is a small plate of pickles.

It's overwhelmingly focused on carbohydrates. So, although there are surprisingly many fried foods such as pork cutlets and fried chicken, there are far fewer vegetables.

Even if there was, it would just be a small plate of cabbage salad,

Raw vegetables have almost no actual weight.

I just feel like I've eaten it.

I was shocked by Japanese food like this.

We decided to start Matsushita Natural Foods Co., Ltd.

Is it around the age of 50 that physical strength begins to visibly decline?

I think everyone is looking for various supplements.

However, I recommend that you try changing your diet first.

It's a physical reboot from the age of 50.

Recovery bar developed by us.

As I have written many times on the product page, this product contains a large amount of nuts.

It also contains a lot of wild blueberries.

What is noteworthy is that it contains more refined shilajit than other supplements. This is a substance that increases the amount of male hormones that decrease as we age. It seems that most age-related problems can be prevented by engaging in activities that increase the amount of male hormones.

Now, are you nuts? You may think so, but nuts are amazing.

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