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Waiting for cysteine ​​peptide (glutathione) raw material

Hello everyone.

We would like to integrate REGINA LOCUS into Matsushita Natural Foods Co., Ltd. at the end of March.

Well, the first product is a coffee that contains 250 mg of cysteine ​​peptide, also known as glutathione.

We are currently waiting for the raw materials to arrive.

I think it was manufactured as soon as the raw materials arrived.

This time, we are using cysteine ​​peptide, which is one of the whitening ingredients and has been tested to have a whitening effect even when used as an edible product.

Cysteine ​​peptide is a category name for food raw materials, but it is called glutathione in the category name for pharmaceutical raw materials. If you are knowledgeable about beauty, you may already know about Shiratama drip. Looking at experimental data, it seems that after taking the recommended amount of cysteine ​​peptide 250mg every day for about three months, skin brightness improved.

Now, the reason why I decided to incorporate it into coffee is that it tastes the best. The cysteine ​​peptide is actually Torula yeast fermented extract, but yeast fermented extract has a ``dashi-like flavor'', so when I thought about mixing it with something quite sweet, I was worried about the ``sugar content.'' Since I drink it every day, I thought it would be better to use something with no added sugar or additives.

So, coffee became a hot topic.

I think you can make it as sweet as you like.

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