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Health is not given naturally, it is acquired through effort.


About us

Since the lost 30 years, the Japanese economy has experienced low growth that is unprecedented in the world.

And there is no prospect of economic improvement,

More than 90% of people are worried about their own old age.

Uncertainty about the future leads to a declining birthrate, and the birth rate continues to decline and the aging rate continues to rise.

Is it too late?

But we fight.

There is a battle that can never be lost.


By reducing the gap between "average life expectancy" and "healthy life expectancy" to as close to zero as possible, we can gain confidence in our health, avoid serious illnesses, live healthily, and die suddenly.

If more people can enjoy such an ideal life, it will indirectly solve the problem of medical expenses. If you don't become dementia and don't get seriously ill, you'll be able to afford the household budget.


Due to the growing burden on the working generation, Japan has now become a hopeless and unpleasant country, and its presence is weaker than in Southeast Asian countries.


You are what you eat.


It is possible to shed a ray of light on the vague anxiety about the future that people can have a healthy and active old age through food and reduce the risk of major illnesses. If that happens, Japan will once again become a country of hope.



Nice to meet you, I am Takeshi Matsushita, the representative of Matsushita Natural Food Co., Ltd.

It is still a fledgling and unknown company.

You say something you want! You might think that.

I have been in the cosmetics industry for many years. Developing anti-aging cosmetics, how can we live youthful, proud and confident? I was doing trial and error while thinking about what I said.

I don't think I'm the only one who has used the corona pandemic as an opportunity to take care of his own health. The times have suddenly changed to health-conscious.

I went to France alone in 2019 when Corona started. I was researching healthy sweets using organic ingredients with a French cuisine researcher who is developing recipes that focus on gluten-free and health.

In Europe, many people practice health-focused eating habits such as gluten-free and the KETO diet, and in general, many young people (although not all of them, of course) are very concerned about their health.

What surprised me when I went to Europe was that there are a lot of vegetables even when I eat out. And anyway, after work, there are so many people who are running, cycling, or doing something to move their bodies.

Of course, the policy of the government, which has developed parks and city plans that allow such activities, is also a big factor. . .

Japanese food is healthy.

I've always thought so.

But think about it.

When I eat out, I eat only a small cabbage salad.

Shouldn't we eat?

Fruits and nuts are plentiful and cheap in Europe,

[1 meat: 2 vegetables: 1 carbohydrate: 1 fruit]

I often eat a considerable amount of vegetables and fruits in the ratio. (of course it depends on the person)

A well-balanced diet with proteins, minerals, and vitamins + moderate exercise every day is a habit.

Japanese food is healthy. I wonder?

The current average life expectancy is data for people born before the war, and data for people who ate traditional Japanese food in the good old days.

What about our generation now?

I don't know if Japan will continue to be called a country of longevity in the future because of the obsession with eating out, such as carbohydrates, fried foods, and junk food.

Cosmetics alone are not enough.

It's useless if you don't do something that is more useful to the world, for the sake of the world.

I made up my mind and launched Matsushita Natural Food Co., Ltd.


We are still a small, fledgling company.

However, we will continue to strive every day to achieve our mission.

These products are not yet popular.

We believe that if many people agree and support us, and if many people buy it, we will be able to reduce the price so that more people can afford it.

When the world is flooded with healthy foods, Japan will become a more hopeful country.

With such expectations and thoughts.

You are what you eat.


On a personal note, my father passed away from cancer at the age of 68. When it was found in a bad location, metastasis was confirmed and it was difficult to cure completely. My family took care of me until the end, but the mental hardships and financial burden of treatment costs are beyond description.

It's too late when you're sick. One major illness can completely ruin your life.
There is a saying that "Can't see the forest for the trees", and it may be true.
"Health", which is the normal thing, always there, always you have, even sometimes you don't care about it at all, but once you lose it, you can never get it back.

that's why,
Be healthy anyway.
And if possible, I think it's important to improve the performance.

What you eat every day to be healthy, what you eat every day to improve your performance.

We develop these products with passion.


Matsushita Natural Food Co., Ltd.

Founder & CEO, Jo Matsushita