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Cloud Eats KitchenNagoya

We at ClourEatsKitchens operate a members-only shared kitchen in Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, as a cooking and production base that can be started with low initial costs based on the concept of "casual startups for restaurants and food businesses". We have a variety of people using our kitchen every day.

 In order to promote the production and sales of "RECOVERY BAR!", we have teamed up with Matsushita Natural Food Corp to create a new production and sales scheme.

 Unlike other energy bars, the raw texture of "RECOVERY BAR!", which are neither hard nor too soft, is extremely important, and requires a quality that can only be achieved through a well-designed manufacturing process.

 To this end, we would like to establish a new production scheme using shared kitchens, the "fables handcraft production network". This is a production scheme in which shared kitchens, which can be used on an hourly basis, are used as production bases, and users with expertise in food and sweets production and cooking are trained to outsource production on a side job basis, giving them an overwhelming advantage in terms of cost and speed.

 Recipes and the sensory aspects of the production process, such as sales expansion that cannot be quantified, are taught through actual experience, and the production equipment itself is made into a kit, making it possible to standardize the final product to a high level of quality.

 We are aiming for a new form of sharing economy in which shared kitchens, which used to be dominated by simply making what you want to make and opening stalls at marche and events, will be operated as manufacturing factories for a certain amount of time.

 In addition, since the scheme itself for speedy manufacturing while maintaining quality and peace of mind based on trust between the contract manufacturer, Share Kitchen, Matsushita Natural Foods, and the three companies can be packaged, this can be put into practice at any Share Kitchen anywhere in the country, allowing just-in-time manufacturing to be realized while still being able to work as a spot This will present a new way of working that will allow you to work as an outsourced manufacturer on a spot basis while achieving just-in-time manufacturing.

 We believe that the Recovery Bar is a project that can break down stereotypes about the function, taste, and quality of products as well as their manufacturing process itself, and can realize social revitalization that can make the world a more active place.

ODA Co., Ltd.

General Manager, Cloud Kitchen Kitchen Division

Ryoji Nishiyama

CloudEats Kitchen Marunouchi

1F 1-2-31, Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya