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Health is not given naturally, it is acquired through effort.


Our commitment

An unhealthy diet reduces the performance of the body, mind and heart,

A good diet maximizes the performance of your body, mind and heart.

It may be a matter of course.

We live by what we eat.

And what you eat becomes blood and meat.

It may be so obvious that you don't even pay attention to it, but isn't eating the most important thing in your life?

I'm not saying that junk food, convenience store lunch boxes, and additives are bad.

However, in the process of mass production, I do not like additives that supplement the flavor to make the flavor delicious while increasing the efficiency of the automatic production line.

For some reason, since I was a child, eating junk food, frozen food, convenience store lunch boxes, and eating out with poor quality has caused me to feel indescribably tired.

When that happens, your mind won't work anymore, and you won't be able to do anything unless you rest for a while. I feel depressed.

In addition, it seems to leave some kind of chemical taste in the mouth that lingers, causing stomach upset.

Conversely, if you eat food that you have cooked yourself using good ingredients, you will not feel sick.

On the contrary, the body is light, it does not get tired even when exercising, and the stomach and intestines are in good condition. The head is clear and clear, and the mood rises.

Performance is at its peak.


That is why we do not use artificial food additives or chemical seasonings, and make full use of our knowledge and technology to create delicious foods using only natural seasonings.

It will be time consuming.

But it is necessary.


Before I knew it, "Cheaper is good, Cost is everything" has swept the world.

If you try to make something good, it costs money. If you want to make it cheaply, there are many ways to do it. Poor quality raw materials should be used. Alternatively, purchase from a cheap country, purchase an old one, etc.

The protracted recession and social uncertainty have filled the world with "cheap and bad." But can we even ask for it in what we eat?

Excessive efficiency and cost reduction have been promoted, and the obvious thing of "being healthy" has been left behind.


Every day, there are many people (homes) who do not have time to cook by themselves.

Sometimes it's Uber Eats, takeout, eat out, that sort of thing.

But can you eat them every day?

It may be good once in a while, but is it “worried about nutritional balance and health”?


Even though it says, "Health-friendly home delivery food," it's not that healthy.

Even if you go to a "natural foods buffet", it's not much different from a normal buffet.

“Healthy diet” does not mean “small portion and tasteless meal.”

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so.


“Eating a lot of vegetables and meat, and well-balanced carbohydrates.”

"Sometimes let's eat strong flavored foods as well, otherwise you will get bored."

“Fried food is fine too. The problem is the type of oil, quality, and freshness of the oil (not oxidized).”

I think.


We at Matsushita Natural Food are high quality foods that you can eat every day.

Food that maximizes performance.

And food that is truly healthy and delicious.

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