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Health is not given naturally, it is acquired through effort.

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REGINA LOCUS Magic Serum [Dropper container sold separately]

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Fullerene Men's Aging Care Serum

Now, we have made a slight model change in order to incorporate the latest ingredients at a high concentration. Torula yeast extract, which is a newly developed ingredient, has been newly formulated based on clinical data showing that it has excellent effects on very fine wrinkles in a short period of about one month. I did.
In addition, the package design has changed from this time. By adopting the same packaging as the recently launched REGINA LOCUS Magic Youth Cream, we will continue to respond to the 2024 problem and continue to deliver products of better quality and effectiveness at the same price. We will continue our efforts.

Give confidence and momentum to all fighting men.

The only anti-aging serum that gives you confidence in your face and life and puts you on the path to success.

Product name: RLMEN Magic Serum (formerly Total Revitalizing Serum)

The container is sold separately (if you purchase regularly, the dropper container will be included free of charge for the first time) and will be delivered in a pouch-type container. It will be a post-in format, so there is no need to pick it up.

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Men don't do skin care or anti-aging care.

That's what women do.
Many men probably think so.
But times have changed.
First impressions are a powerful weapon.

We must use all our strengths to win on the battlefield of business.
We must also age gracefully and dignifiedly.

Men's skin is affected by irregular lifestyles, dryness, and ultraviolet rays.
Tends to lose balance due to fatigue and stress

How do you deal with that?
Most men would be virtually defenseless.

A face that is shiny with sebum, dark pores, tired wrinkles, and rough skin.
Dry, powdery face.

He is far from the image of a man who keeps winning.

People are attracted to beautiful things and reject dirty things.

Times have changed.

You must age gracefully, gracefully, and gracefully.
I want you to get a winning pattern with ease.

Contains fullerene, a new vitamin C derivative (APPS), which has 250 times the antioxidant power of vitamin C, human umbilical cord blood stem cell culture fluid, human stem cell culture fluid, and niacinamide.

Plant stem cells (apple fruit cultured cell extract)

Beauty extracts (aloe vera leaf extract, scutellariae root extract, panthenol, placenta extract, glycyrrhizic acid 2K)

Moisturizing ingredients (glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, etc.)

A beauty serum specially formulated for men's skin has been created.

Furthermore, although the texture is thick, it is refreshing and has minimal stickiness. We want everyone to use it, from men who have never used it before to men who are experts in anti-aging care. Continuing to use it will give you a youthful, cool, and elegant look.

The scent of Bulgarian rose lifts your mood and gives you beauty and strength.
A fragrance that stands at the top of the well-known fragrances.
Among over 20,000 types of roses, the damask rose stands at the top, and no matter how hard you try, no synthetic fragrance can imitate it.
Only 1 kg can be made from 4 tons of damask rose, creating a luxurious fragrance that surpasses that of gold.
Although it is a men's fragrance, it is suitable for a man aiming for success.

Investing in improving your physical appearance is cost-effective.
Use a good serum.
You'll be surprised at how much of a difference there is.

Men also need anti-aging care.

Post-coronavirus, post-Ukraine war, times have become more chaotic.
The winners become losers, the losers become winners, and we enter the Sengoku period of subjugation.
Physical attractiveness is a powerful weapon in society.
Get the winning pattern.
For men who are fighting for the most advanced men's aging care serum.