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Health is not given naturally, it is acquired through effort.

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30 days worth of Shatavari coffee to condition women's bodies

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Coffee with Shatavari for menopausal symptoms
Shatavari is effective for various menopausal symptoms.

This coffee was developed to suit women's bodies and address various concerns.

It contains Shatavari, which has been used since ancient times as an herb for women in Ayurveda, which means "to have a hundred husbands."

Furthermore, we use high-quality Shatavari, which contains more than 20% total saponin by weight.

coffee with shatavari

Shatavari has a slightly sweet taste, but at the same time it has a strong bitter taste, making it difficult to drink.

As a result of trial and error, we found that it was easiest to drink when mixed with coffee, and the taste was relatively good even when a considerable amount was added, so we decided on coffee with Shatavari.

One cup of this coffee can provide the recommended daily intake of 600mg.
Shatavari is rich in phytoestrogens, which helps to tone and energize the body, especially for middle-aged and elderly women.

One bag has a 30-day supply, so at just 49 yen per cup, you can drink it every day without hesitation.

We have also succeeded in creating a price that will last for a long time.

I hope you will continue to do this and maintain a healthy body.

Prepare women's bodies for menopausal symptoms. Coffee with shatavari.

Contents: 72g (30 days)
Dissolve 1 teaspoon (approximately 2.4 g) in hot water and drink. You can also enjoy it as a cafe au lait by dissolving it in hot milk, etc., if you like.

Nutrition information

Country of origin: Domestic
Contents: 72g (1 month supply)


Coffee, Asparagus racemosus extract [Asparagus racemosus extract, dextrin (from cassava)]

Expiry date

1 year from date of manufacture